About Soomo Learning

We are on a mission to create next-generation learning resources that cost less and work better than traditional textbooks.

We are digital craftsmen with a passion for education, including editors, graphic artists, web developers, filmmakers, and instructional designers. Far more than your typical e-book, our webtexts are comprehensive, interactive, multimedia textbook replacements. Our learning analytics will give you insight into what your students are doing that no textbook or e-book could ever provide. In the future, everyone will learn from resources like these. But today, they're only available from Soomo.

Matt Bennink | Software Developer

Matt owns our software system. Every function, feature, and URL is faithfully shepherded by Matt, who quietly performs miracles on a daily basis. It almost makes more sense to think of him as four people, since the quality and amount of work he produces seems well beyond the capabilities of a single individual. Matt has the attention to detail and keen technological awareness it takes to keep Soomo’s engines running.  

Dan Broughton | Chairman 

As the chair of our board and chief advisor, Dan contributes decades of experience in successful businesses built on solving problems and delivering remarkable service. His vision and direction inspire us to achieve great things, and in all of our actions, we strive to meet his standards of impeccable service and unwavering integrity.

Jacob Caselli | Editor

Jacob is a true champion of the English language, and few labor as diligently as he on behalf of excellent writing. During his tenure at Soomo he’s conquered a range of tasks, from supplying transcripts to editing manuscripts to managing projects. With his trusty Chicago Manual of Style at his side, Jacob faithfully and fearlessly charges into the tangled fray that is language, leaving clarity, structure, and artfully crafted sentences in his wake.  

Zara Elizabeth Crockett | Product Manager

Bringing a passion for politics to her role as product manager, Zara Elizabeth possesses a remarkable sense of the approaches that work for today's students. In leading course development, she handles every project with grace and aplomb. In fact, we suspect that Zara is Batman.  

Taryn Chase Jackson | Development Editor

Taryn is a former grant-writer, technical editor, newspaper publisher, and now our resident sleuth. Fittingly, she shares a birthday with the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle. With her trusty black Pilot Precise v5 Extra Fine pen and notepad by her side, Taryn seeks out the best writers and content experts she can find, and works with them to develop the webtexts for which Soomo's known. She also believes in celebrating Halloween all year and enjoys a good pair of shoes (or twenty).  

David Lindrum | Founder and Instructional Designer

For 15 years, David has lived and worked at the intersection of transformational learning and web technology. Working with major publishers including Pearson, Thomson, and McGraw, he launched both MetaText and Shadowbox before founding Soomo. David’s heart is in creating transformative instructional design, and he excels in utilizing web technology to meet specific instructional challenges.  

Mary Jane Lindrum | Vice President of Finance and Operations

As a passionate creator of life-changing documentary films, MJ focuses on developing content that challenges students with the complexity of reality and reminds them of their responsibility to respond. Since we are a small company of multiple-hat-wearers, MJ also handles accounting and human resources. And sales and marketing. And attends conferences. And edits copy. And…  

Tom Meeks | Vice President of Customer Satisfaction

After many years of running IT for a top-10 accounting firm’s partners and clients, Tom finds tech support for students and instructors a delightful change of pace. His job is to vigilantly protect and serve our systems and content, as well as your data, and he does it impeccably. The man can fix anything—if your flux capacitor goes down, Tom would probably know what to do.  

Andrea Moschetti | Office Coordinator

Andrea keeps all our systems operating smoothly by overseeing an increasingly complex infrastructure comprised of office space, vendor relations, and chocolate. Without her, the lights don’t come on, the mail doesn’t go out, the money doesn’t move, and the water cooler runs dry. Andrea has a knack with houseplants and brings sunny energy with her wherever she goes.  

David Perkowski | Chief Technology Officer

David is the man behind the curtain. He writes the code that makes everything work, and he’s always striving to incorporate instructor suggestions and requests seamlessly into our set of teaching tools. A programming superhero, he can climb any digital mountain and swim any binary sea. And make it look easy.  

Adam_resized Adam Rosen | Editor

The same curiosity that made Adam an aspiring bicycle expert and yacht rock enthusiast also brought him to Soomo’s doorstep. Adam’s expertise lies in creating and shaping innovative content. A former New Yorker, Adam earned his editorial street cred while working at HarperCollins and Oxford University Press. His work at Soomo creates a blueprint for students traveling through unknown territory, leaving them with a taste for discovery.  

Amanda_resized Amanda Simays | Assistant Editor

Amanda inspires us all. Up when the sun rises, she runs miles before 9 a.m. and frequently arrives with homemade snacks for the whole gang. She applies this same can-do attitude to her work at Soomo, baking rich and palatable resources into every webtext. By mixing Amanda’s energy (and knack for witty wordplay) with a background in English, she helps to produce some of the most popular content we create.  

Nancy Woods | Editorial Assistant

Nancy is our coding maven, and excels at attending to the minutest details of production. Many of the features that make Soomo products so special are a result of Nancy’s meticulous efforts, experienced editing eye, and superior HTML skills. In emphasizing accuracy and accessibility, she consistently pushes us to improve how we’re presenting content, and she’s an unfailing source of chewing gum and historical trivia.  

Maureen Yann | Political Science Desk

Maureen has a masters in Political Science and was a TA before we snapped her up. Now she’s a TA for over 100 professors, and oversees all of our political science projects. Her care for professors is personal and profound, and we can always count on her to help us keep their needs in the forefront of any discussion while maintaining a great sense of humor throughout it all. Uniquely qualified for this caring role, Maureen makes her mother proud every day.