About Soomo Learning

We are on a mission to create next-generation learning resources that cost less and work better than traditional textbooks.

  • Lindrum

    David Lindrum

    Founder & Course Designer

    David has spent 20 years at the intersection of learning and web technology. Working with major publishers including Pearson, Thomson, and McGraw, he launched both MetaText and Shadowbox before founding Soomo. David’s heart is in creating transformative instructional design, and using the web to meet instructional challenges.

  • Mj

    Mary Jane Lindrum


    MJ is passionate about developing content that challenges students with the complexity of reality and reminds them of their responsibility to respond. She spends most days consulting on specific issues with faculty, improving content. Nights are spent reading student success literature, analyzing learner data, and looking for new ways to increase student success.

  • Dan

    Dan Broughton


    As the chair of our board and chief advisor, Dan contributes decades of experience in successful businesses built on solving problems and delivering remarkable service. His vision and direction inspire us to achieve great things, and in all of our actions, we strive to meet his standards of impeccable service and unwavering integrity.

  • Perkowski

    David Perkowski

    Chief Technical Officer

    David took the Soomo Learning Environment from an idea on a napkin (at Lucky Otter Burritos) and made it what it is today. He remains our leader in all things technical and—even after 10 years of working together—he continues to surprise us daily with the stunningly broad range of things he knows.

  • Mo

    Maureen Yann

    Director of Instructor Support

    Maureen was highly recommended to us by a professor she TA’d for in grad school, has since served as a remarkably gifted TA for hundreds of faculty with Soomo, and now guides the instructor support team. Her care for professors is personal and profound, and we can always count on her to help us keep their needs in the forefront of any discussion.

  • Tom

    Tom Meeks

    VP Customer Satisfaction

    After many years of running IT for a top-10 accounting firm’s partners and clients, Tom hung up his corporate shoes and took on front-line student support. The unique mix of whimsy and care you see in our screencasts is exactly what you get from Tom on the phone and in person. And the man can fix anything—if your flux capacitor goes down, Tom would probably know what to do.

  • Matt

    Matt Bennink

    Software Developer

    Matt owns our software system. Every function, feature, and URL is faithfully shepherded by Matt, who quietly moves mountains on a daily basis. Matt has the attention to detail and keen technological awareness it takes to keep Soomo’s engines running.

  • Jacob

    Jacob Caselli

    Senior Editor

    Jacob is a true champion of the English language, and few labor as diligently as he on behalf of excellent writing. With his trusty Chicago Manual of Style at his side, Jacob faithfully and fearlessly charges into the tangled fray that is language, leaving clarity, structure, and artfully crafted sentences in his wake.

  • Zara

    Zara Elizabeth Crockett

    Project Development

    Zara arrived at Soomo with a passion to change the world which has yet to diminish, so mostly we just try not to get in her way. From course development, to permissions, to illustration research she handles every project with grace and aplomb. It is worth noting that no one has seen Zara and Batman in the same place.

  • Andrea

    Andrea Nelson

    HR & Accounting Assistant

    Andrea keeps all our systems operating smoothly by overseeing an increasingly complex infrastructure comprised of office space, vendor relations, and chocolate. Without her, the lights don’t come on, the mail doesn’t go out, the money doesn’t move, and the water cooler runs dry. Andrea has a knack with houseplants and brings sunny energy with her wherever she goes.

  • Taryn

    Taryn Chase Jackson

    Development Editor

    Taryn is a former grant-writer, technical editor, newspaper publisher, and is now developing courses in English and Writing. With her trusty black Pilot Precise v5 Extra Fine pen and notepad by her side, Taryn seeks out the best writers and writing instructors, and works with them to develop the webtexts for which Soomo's known. She also likes Halloween. A lot.

  • Adam

    Adam Rosen

    Development Editor

    The same curiosity that made Adam an aspiring bicycle expert and yacht rock enthusiast also brought him to Soomo’s doorstep. A Baltimore native and die hard Orioles fan, Adam earned his editorial street cred while working at HarperCollins and Oxford University Press. He is a trusty guide for students traveling through unknown territory, leaving them with a taste for discovery.

  • Nancy

    Nancy Woods

    Composition & Production

    Nancy refined her love of attention to detail as a copy editor for West Law, the publisher of the books on the shelves of law offices in films. Nancy’s meticulous efforts, experienced editing eye, and emphasis on style consistency are a large part of the reason Soomo resources look the way they do. And, she’s an unfailing source of chewing gum and historical trivia.

  • Susan

    Susan Cottenden

    Director of Sales

    Susan calls upon her 14 years of experience in the development and sales of innovative educational products to lead our sales efforts with a fresh, comprehensive perspective and an unusual penchant for words. She has an art historian husband, two little boys who refer to her as a Muggle, and a dog who loves her a little too obsessively.

  • Amanda

    Amanda Simays

    Development Editor

    Amanda inspires us all. Up when the sun rises, she runs miles before 9 a.m. and frequently arrives with homemade snacks for the whole gang. She applies this same can-do attitude to her work at Soomo, baking rich and palatable resources into every webtext.

  • Ryan

    Ryan Anderson

    Instructor Support Specialist

    Ryan is a former Apple, Inc. employee who now works with faculty at several of Soomo’s major institutional partners. A writer of songs and stories, he holds a BFA in film and creative writing from Savannah College of Art & Design. His first concert experience was Michael Jackson and his favorite Muppet is Gonzo.

  • Daniel

    Daniel Sellers

    Assistant Editor

    When projects catch on fire, Daniel often gets air-dropped in to help dump water on them and make sure deadlines are met. Editing, QA, instructor support, research—this former Communications major is a Daniel-of-all-trades. His laptop has a custom stand made entirely of Legos, and we’re pretty sure he believes in a future with jetpacks.

  • Maclin

    Maclin Sweeney

    Instructor Support Specialist

    With a BA in International Studies, Maclin likens providing support for Soomo’s political science and sociology faculty to spinning plates in a circus. Ringmaster Maclin is trained in Irish step-dancing and enjoys cooking Cajun food and kayaking rivers. Plus, he once found a skull during a paleontological dig.

  • Andy

    Andy Paul

    Development Editor

    Andy earned a Ph.D. in History and spends his time curating content that makes history real for students. A New England native who moved to Asheville from Minneapolis, Andy is a film-buff who once managed the DVD department in a record store. (Talk about historical!) He has the dubious distinction of having seen every single Woody Allen film.

  • Geni

    Giovanna Allegretti

    Support Specialist

    Giovanna (Jenny, for short) has worked in parks and museums as an educator. Now she channels her passion for students into helping them have the best Soomo experience possible. Every day is an adventure for Jenny and she sometimes ponders launching her own reality show called, “When Good Computers Go Bad.”