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What's 'App'ening!


Now students can take Soomo with them wherever they go! Our mobile app has been released for both Android and iOS. The Soomo app allows users to read and complete work in their webtexts either online or offline—and will sync answers automatically as soon as Internet access becomes available. Students can get started by clicking the Get the App button on the Tools menu in any webtext, where they’ll find instructions on how to pair a mobile device.  To learn more about how it works, visit out Mobile Support FAQ page. 

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Emmy Award-Winning Video

EmmySoomoEveryone at Soomo is so excited because we won an Emmy for best Informational or Instructional Program!  At the 27th Annual MidSouth Emmy Awards. Soomo brought home the award for our music video Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage. Created for Soomo’s American government webtext, the video is currently featured in assignments that are part of two Soomo Publishing titles: Central Ideas in American Government  and A History of The United States, 1865 – Present .

Soomo CEO and Founder David Lindrum said, “I’m thrilled to see our film team receive this recognition. Imagine that—an Emmy for textbook content.

Tim Alden Grant, the video's director, commented on the award saying,  “I truly believe in this kind of educational video—with a fun, engaging, culturally relevant perspective on people and events that changed the course of history.”

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The Bobbles Are Coming! The Bobbles Are Coming!

President Lincoln bobblehead dollAttention Soomo Political Science professors! It's getting to be that time of the semester again, time for bobbles! This semester's bobblehead is President Lincoln, which seems appropriate given that it's the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation this year and his movie got 12 Oscar nominations.

If you're a current adopter AND your students register and complete work, then you should be receiving your Spring 2013 bobblehead in the mail shortly, perhaps even before his birthday. To get yourself ready to add Honest Abe to your collection, here are a few interesting facts about our 16th president:

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How to Humanize POTUS

At Soomo, we're loving this Vanity Fair article about what it's like to be President of the United States. To write the piece, the über-talented Michael Lewis (Moneyball and The Blind Side) spent six months following President Obama as he went about his daily work. Not surprisingly, decisions feature prominently in the president's day, and in an NPR interview, Lewis provides additional information about how the president copes with decision fatigue.

"He had very self-consciously sought to...

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What People Are Saying about Central Ideas in American Government

Since many of you may still be considering which text you want to use this fall for your American Government classes, we want to let you know what professors and students are saying about our webtext, Central Ideas in American Government.

Below are listed just a few peer review and student survey comments from last fall. If you would like more survey data, just drop us a line.

Peer Review Feedback

• “My students do best when they are engaged. So this would surely work better for them than a...

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Til We Have Suffrage

Just in time for Women's History Month, Soomo is pleased to announce the release of our new parody music video, Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage.The new video features Alice Paul engaging in the "militant" tactics of the latter years of suffrage movement and the dramatic ratification of the 19th Amendment. The video has such rich content that we feature it in two new assignments for our Americans Governing collection:

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Spotlight: Central Ideas In American Government

This fall we surveyed students who are currently using our American government webtext, Central Ideas in American Government. And thanks to Assistant Professor Mitchell Brown (Auburn University),who offered her students extra credit for completing the survey, we have some terrific feedback on what current intro level college students think about our product. These results are one way we prioritize updates for each semester so they're super important to us. Here are a few highlights from the...

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Teaching Intro to American Government This Year?

It's about that time again: time to decide which text you will be teaching with next semester. With this in mind, we want to give another shout-out to our newest webtext publication, Central Ideas in American Government (to see the original post about CIAG, click here). As peer reviews are coming in, we're getting some great feedback:

"The style of writing makes it easy to comprehend the material in each chapter."

-- William E. Kelly, Ph.D., Auburn University

"The polling feature gives an...

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Heading to SPSA in New Orleans

We're excited to be part of SPSA in New Orleans next week, January 6-8, but we're even more excited to introduce Central Ideas in American Government, the first entirely web-native text for American Government classes. Drop by our booth in the exhibit hall, where we'll be happy to assist you with:

  • a private demo of CIAG
  • course set-up
  • course customization
  • uploading a syllabus or handout
  • helping students get started
  • any other questions you might have
Maureen Yann, Fritz Chaleff, and Susan Boyd...

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The Revolution Begins

It's finally here! Soomo Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the world's first webtext for political science: Central Ideas In American Government.

Central Ideas isa textbook replacement createdby two professors who are passionate about teaching, Dr. Jocelyn Evans (University of West Florida) and Dr. Kristy Michaud (California State University-Northridge). The interactive online format is designed to engage students and spark discussion. As a webtext, this resource's unique...

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