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Looking into the Lobotomy

Turning The Mind Inside Out Saturday Evening Post 24 May 1941
Dr. Walter Freeman, left, and Dr. James W. Watts study an X ray before a psychosurgical operation. Saturday Evening Post 24 May 1941.

The lobotomy, that gruesome technique which provided relief for many patients but devastating brain injury for others, often fascinates introductory psychology students. The New York Times recently released a short video documentary about the recent history of this surgery and its most famous patient, Rosemary Kennedy. At less than 12 minutes long, this video...

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3-D Anatomy


Always amazed by the wonders of the interwebs, I was agog to find Zygote Body, a 3-D web application that allows you to manipulate and label parts of human anatomy, including the brain. And did I mention it's FREE? This magic, of course, came from Google. Lots of potential for brain chapter assignments here!

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