Texas Politics

Featuring content from the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin, each chapter presents students of Texas government with the concepts, institutions, and processes they need to know.

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Basic Edition Phasing Out for Spring 2017

After December 31, 2016, the Basic Edition of Texas Politics will no longer be available. The Course Version of the webtext will continue to be updated by the Texas Politics Project and published by Soomo Learning. If you were planning to use the Basic Edition for your spring courses, please contact texaspoliticsdesk@soomolearning.com and we will provide the Course Version for you and your students at no charge for the spring term.

from the Texas Politics Project announcement

In order to continue developing the best possible resource to support student learning, the Basic Edition of Texas Politics is being phased out for Spring 2017. After December 31, 2016, the Basic Edition will no longer be available. The Course Version of Texas Politics will continue to be updated by the Texas Politics Project and published by Soomo Learning.

We at the Texas Politics Project believe that the platform and pedagogy offered by Soomo Learning in its Course Version best serves students and their instructors who are using the webtext in classrooms and online courses. Both Soomo Learning and the Texas Politics Project are committed to keeping the cost of the webtext low. Charging a modest price for the webtext ensures that it will continue to be updated on a regular basis and aligned with the Texas Government Learning Objectives and Core Competencies established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The Texas Politics Project looks forward to continuing our efforts to provide resources for students, teachers, and anyone interested in politics and government in the Lone Star State. We will continue to produce high-quality polling and furnish the data, results, data visualizations, and all accompanying materials as publically available resources. Thousands of graphics for use in teaching, writing, and presentations will continue to be publically available in the polling section of the Texas Politics Project website. We will also continue to host public events, making the resulting video resources available free of charge, and continue to operate our internship bulletin board, promoting internships and positions for students across Texas.

Please contact us with questions about our initiatives and the transition to the Course Version of the Texas Politics webtext at texaspolitics@mail.laits.utexas.edu. Technical questions about the special transition offers from Soomo and webtext set-up with your institution's CMS should be directed to texaspoliticsdesk@soomolearning.com.

Course Version

The course version includes all twelve chapters of original content and is updated each term with the latest polling data from the Texas Politics Project. It also includes in-depth investigations to provide students with a deeper dive into important topics. Soomo course features enable students to monitor their learning and instructors to better help students make progress and succeed in the course. It is free to instructors and a $55 subscription for students.

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Self-Directed Version

Are you a student who wants to study on your own for the supplement to the AP Government and Politics exam or the CLEP American Government Exam? This version of Texas Politics (also priced at $55) is designed to be used outside of a course as a self-study aid to help you prepare for the exam.

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