About The Video

When people who love politics, pop culture and filmmaking are asked to humanize the sentiment of the founders in writing the declaration, we sometimes get carried away. And every now and then, they let us run with it.

The following video is an anachronistic daydream asking the question, "If pop producer Timbaland had sought to build consensus around declaring independence, what might he have produced?"

If you (like everyone at Soomo over 35) aren't familiar with the original video that prompted this parody, you can see it here. "Apologize" by OneRepublic went to number one in 16 countries in a remix by Timbaland.


About Soomo Learning

The parody was a bit of a departure from our regular gig: filming interviews and documentaries for Soomo assignments and trying to bring politics to life in ways that don't require costumes, smoke machines or spending a week listening to the same song. You can read more about us at our sites for Americans Governing, Comparing Governments, Between Nations or Soomo Learning.