Custom Webtexts

Soomo helps where you need it the most. Your important courses may need more than off-the-shelf solutions can offer. Our team works with institutions to map and develop resources that meet your needs. 

From Student Success Courses to Sociology of Development, we build for any discipline.

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Course Design

Alignment doesn’t happen by chance. Soomo Custom Webtexts are designed in conjunction with your course's learning objectives and syllabus.


The scope of the coursework is defined by term length, credit hours, the amount of time students should spend per week inside the resource, and goals for this course.


Learning outcomes, student satisfaction, and academic rigor are a given. But the more we know about how you’ll measure its success, and why you’re developing or redeveloping it, the better we can tune the webtext to meet your needs.


What are the common instructional patterns in your institution? Papers? Discussion boards? Multiple choice or short answer? Group work?

Students take courses within the context of a program and expectations are set by the courses that come before. Even when the course we’re building is intended to be the first a student sees, we need to know the instructional patterns of your school in order to match expectations and prepare students to succeed in subsequent courses.