U.S. History II

A History of the United States, 1865 to Present offers a thorough exploration of American history from Reconstruction to Obama. A customized edition of Dr. David J. Trowbridge’s A History of the United States, Vol. 2 (Flat World Knowledge, 2012) forms the foundation of this webtext presenting an inclusive approach to history in a highly accessible, chronological narrative. 

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Resources for your team and students

Adopting and rolling out a webtext is easy. To ensure that getting started is as smooth as possible, Soomo provides screencasts and documentation for students, instructors, and administrators. These documents are typically customized specifically for your school.


Course Setup

If you’re using an LMS, such as Blackboard, we’ll create a customized screencast to explain the process of linking the shell to the resource for your instructors and administrators.

Overview for Students

Students are presented with just-in-time, featured-based videos within their webtext. These walk-throughs point out elements designed to help students succeed.

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