Webtexts are online textbooks for learning at any distance.
Questions invite active participation from students while
analytics help instructors know who needs help.



Questions are amazingly powerful. There’s a big difference between reading about an idea and actually responding to that idea. Questions require us all, as readers, to:

  • read more thoroughly and with greater care
  • recall what’s been written
  • eliminate confusion by noticing what was not said
  • consider the most important points

Requiring responses on every page allows students to approach difficult material with greater success.



When an instructor can see, at the end of week one, that five students haven’t opened the book and three students read the book but didn’t understand, then the instructor can:

  • intervene by contacting the student
  • discover the problem
  • provide encouragement
  • kickstart student progress

Soomo Analytics gives instructors the tools they need to help students make progress and succeed in the course.



Our instructional designers strive to make content more memorable and effective. We've found that:

  • videos can show what words struggle to tell
  • personal narratives can make key distinctions unforgettable
  • online archives and databases allow for discoveries
  • primary resources and studies provide real-world examples

By mixing these content types we create concise and compelling resources for students. (And we have the data to prove it.)


Webtexts outperform textbooks for these reasons.
But there’s a lot more to love:

LOW COST – Webtexts cost $50 -$75 per student. Passkeys can be sold through your bookstore or directly from Soomo.

RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY – Webtexts have frequent backups, and rapid recovery, and 99.999% uptime. 

PROOF OF LEARNING – Soomo provides detailed records of student activity for accreditation documentation.

PERSONALIZED REPORTS - Reports interpret student performance and alert instructors to students falling behind. 

RESPONSIVE SUPPORT – Soomo provides tech support to students and faculty, instructor trainings, and builds a close working relationship with your instructional design team.

CUSTOMIZATION – Titles are customized for the specific focus of your department and needs of your students.

CURRENT – Content is updated at least twice a year (though you’ll never be forced into a new edition).

ACCESSIBILITY – Soomo's commitment to accessibility and 508 compliance is outlined in our style guide.

INSTANT FEEDBACK – Immediate feedback for students and progress reports for instructors means less time spent grading.

LMS INTEGRATION - Soomo seamlessly supports single-sign-on access and gradebook integration with your school's learning management system.

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