Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

Link in Blackboard/Canvas/Moodle not working? Check your pop-up blocker!

If the link from your school's website to the Soomo webtext isn’t opening a new tab, it’s usually the pop-up blocker on your browser.  Here are some tips on turning your browser’s pop-up blocker off. Each browser works a little differently, find yours on the list below for instructions.  

IE 11
IE 10
IE 9  
IE 7 and 8 

If a new tab does open but you see an error message, send us an email at, and we can tell you what to do.

Uh oh, I forgot my password.  

Our robot is standing by, ready to help. Go to and click "Forgot your password?" and enter the email address you registered with. Follow the instructions in the email to retrieve your password.  

If your school uses Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, or Moodle to access Soomo, just click the link on your course page - you won't need a password at all. Delete your cookies in your browser if you see a page asking you for a password when you click this link.

My login isn’t working but it used to!  

You know, sometimes browsers get choked up a little bit. Sign out to clear our session cookie, or delete the cookies in your browser by going into the settings. Try to log in again.  If that doesn't help, double check the email you are logging in with  - sometimes folks register with one email and try to log in with a different one, which doesn't work so well. Contact us if these tips don't help. 

How long before I hear back from y’all?

Our help desk is open from 9am to 9pm eastern time, Monday through Friday. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours, but normally we are much quicker than that. You can help us help you by providing your full name, the email address you registered with, and some good details about what you need. We’re serious about being helpful, so let’s do this!

Oh no! I clicked "save", but my work is gone!

That's a major bummer! Make sure to click save often as you're working, and look for the message nearby that confirms the save. This might not work if you've lost internet connection. 

If you leave the browser window open for several hours, it will automatically log you out, and your work cannot save. Log in again before resuming work. 

If you're definitely logged in and connected to the internet but something appears to not be functioning correctly, let us know.  

I would like to change my password or email address.

No problem, just email with the old and new email addresses, and we’ll take care of it for you! To change your password, go to and click "Forgot your password?", and enter the email address you registered with. Follow the instructions in the email to change your password.  If you access your webtext via your school's website, no password is needed at all - just click the link in your course and you will log in directly.

Can I send you a screen capture image of my problem?  

Absolutely, we love those! Here are a couple of articles that describe how to create the image. Then you can just email it to us: with a bit of explanation.
Using Windows?
How ’bout a Mac?

My prof said click the link in Blackboard/Canvas/Moodle. Where is it?

Some schools put a link in the left navigation menu labeled “Webtext”, "My-E-Materials" or “Soomo.” If you don’t see it there, click on “Course Tools” and look for “Soomo Course Link.”  A new window should open with your course content inside. Also, please make sure your pop up blocker is turned off. Our page opens in a new window and your pop up blocker may suppress it.

What kind of computer do I need to do my homework?

We are good with all kinds of computers. We keep the requirements super basic. Either a Mac or PC, your choice. Linux users, you’re used to being on your own, so no change here! For browsers we like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and IE 11. Older browsers may not work as well. If you find you are having weird things happen with IE, let us know (and consider using Chrome or Firefox - they behave much much better). 

Do I need any special browser plugins?

Not for the webtext itself, but sometimes we link to someone else's content that requires a PDF reader, Flash Player, or other plugins to view. Most computers and up-to-date browsers already have everything installed that you will need. If not, you can find them below, or you can contact support for additional help. All videos in our webtexts have a link to a text transcript below them, in case of technical difficulties. 
Adobe Reader

How much Internet do I need to use your site?

We understand that you may be studying in a coffee shop, so we have kept the bandwidth requirements as low as we can. Watching videos on dial-up is not great, so you will need a faster connection like DSL or cable. If you don’t know what dial-up is, odds are you’re good to go.  If you are using satellite or cellular hot spot internet, things might get weird, but you knew that already.  Reach out to for some personalized service if you need us.

Hey, this assignment is broken!

Yikes, we hate that! Tell us which one and what’s wrong so we can get right on it. Send us a note at, or call 888-240-0314. 

I goofed my registration—can you help me fix it?

Absolutely. Wrong email address, wrong course, wrong book option—send us an email with the details and we will get things right, quickety quick.

How do I print /download this webtext?

Our webtexts are designed to be used online to take advantage of the best interactive features of the web. Most of our webtexts are available in three formats - online, paper, and an app. Check the tools menu inside of the webtext to see if these options are available to you (the upper right corner). 

If you see the option "Order a Print Book", you can order a copy from our print-on-demand service. They cost about $30 including shipping, and they deliver in approximately 6-10 business days. Please note that if you ask it to ship to a P.O. Box, we can't give you a tracking number, and it will probably take longer to reach you. You will still have to log in to complete the interactive portions of the webtext.

If you see the option "Get the App",  click and follow the instructions on that page to get set up. Our app is available for free. See that page for system requirements. 

Debit okay?

Sure, as long as it has that little Visa or MasterCard logo in the bottom corner, we are solid. If the transaction won't go through, call the number on the back of your card and tell them you are trying to make a purchase with "Soomo" online. They may be blocking it. 

It’s asking for my CVV number—what’s that?

Card Verification Value. Now you are the only person you know who knows what that stands for! It’s the three or four digit number on the back of the credit card. If you are rocking an Amex, it’s four digits on the front right.

How long does my webtext access last?

We'll give you enough time to complete your coursework. This is typically six months—plenty of time to get through a semester. If you need more time, just let us know.

I am retaking a class. Do I have to pay again?

If you are retaking a class and it uses a webtext you already paid for, then you don't have to pay a second time.

If your school uses Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle, click the link to your webtext in your school's portal. This automatically transfers your payment and lets you in to the webtext for your new section.

If your school has you logging in directly through, then get in touch with us and give us the details for your new course section, and we can get things set up for you.

How do you feel about refunds?

If you bought a passkey, you will need to contact your school bookstore about a return. We can’t refund print-on-demand paper copies of our webtexts. Once you’ve purchased access to your webtext via credit card payment or redeeming your passkey, no refund will be issued. However, if you drop the class and retake the same one in the future, we will transfer your payment. In most cases, it's possible to apply for a three week trial. If you are unsure about staying enrolled in a course, this is a good option to consider.

It says I need a passkey. Where do I get one of those?

It depends on which school you attend. Most schools have passkeys available in their campus bookstore. If your school is using MBS Direct as their online bookstore, you can purchase your passkey at  Strayer University students should use to purchase passkeys.

I paid for a passkey. When do I get it?

If you bought your passkey at your campus bookstore, it probably came in an envelope. Open that thing up, and use the printed passkey code during the sign-up process to gain access.

If you bought the passkey from your school's online bookstore, they probably emailed the passkey to the email address you provided at checkout. The email may be in your spam folder, so be sure and check there. If you have not received your passkey within 24 hours, contact the bookstore to track it down.

Some school bookstores will mail you your passkey in an envelope. Call them to figure out an estimated arrival date. You can use a free trial of your webtext in the meantime. 

How do I cite a page from a webtext?

The examples below show the proper citation format for page 1.3 from Central Ideas in American Government according to each of the major style guides. You can also click the tools button in the upper right of your webtext, and then click "Citation Guide" to see information specific to your webtext. 

  • (Evans and Michaud 2014, 1.3)
Reference list:
  • Evans, Jocelyn, and Kristy Michaud. 2014. Central Ideas in American Government. Asheville, NC: Soomo Learning.
  • 1. Jocelyn Evans and Kristy Michaud, Central Ideas in American Government (Asheville, NC: Soomo Learning, 2014), 1.3.
  • Evans, Jocelyn, and Kristy Michaud. Central Ideas in American Government. Asheville, NC: Soomo Learning, 2014.
  • (Evans and Michaud 1.3) 
Works cited page:
  • Evans, Jocelyn, and Kristy Michaud. Central Ideas in American Government.  Asheville, NC: Soomo Learning, 2014. Web.
  • (Evans & Michaud, 2014)
Reference list:
  • Evans, J., & Michaud, K. (2014). Central Ideas in American Government.  Asheville, NC: Soomo Learning. Available from

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Drop us a note anytime at Our phone support hours are Monday through Friday, 9am - 9pm eastern time. We can be reached during those hours at 888-240-0314.