About Soomo

Soomo blends expertise with innovation to create modern courseware and provide services that enable schools and instructors to improve student outcomes in foundational college courses.

Since 2004, we’ve collaborated with hundreds of schools and supported more than a million students in our effort to create next-generation courseware that costs less and works better than traditional textbooks.

Our Staff

  • D Lindrum

    David Lindrum

  • Mary Jane Lindrum

    Mary Jane Lindrum
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dan Broughton

    Dan Broughton

  • David Perkowski

    David Perkowski
    Chief Technical Officer

  • Jenny Westrick 2

    Jenny Westrick
    Executive Editor

  • Lauren Player

    Lauren Player
    Director of Customer Success

  • Susan Cottenden

    Susan Cottenden
    Director of Sales

  • Zara Elizabeth Crockett

    Zara Elizabeth Crockett
    Creative Director

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Address: 1200 Ridgefield Boulevard | Suite 225 | Asheville, NC 28806

Phone: 888-834-7223 | Email: hello@soomolearning.com

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