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At Soomo, you’ll find the people, services, and support you need to provide the best possible courseware for your students.

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  • Soomo’s team

    Your team of editors, coders, designers, and support specialists do the heavy lifting so you can focus on teaching.

  • Learning specialists

    We are specialists in foundational college courses focused on helping all learners develop “A-student” behaviors.

  • Course iteration

    Activity analytics allows for iterative improvements that support student learning without undertaking a full redevelopment effort.

  • Feedback loop

    Our content, support, and UX teams are constantly reviewing activity analytics, student feedback, and instructor insights to strategize new development.

  • Instructor support

    Your dedicated support specialist will tailor courseware to your syllabus, provide LMS integration, and supply training aids for your students.

  • Student support

    Our amazing support specialists are available 7 days a week by chat, phone, or email to troubleshoot technical issues and answer questions from your students.

  • Student help center

    Students are introduced to courseware features on first access and can easily get additional help through the articles in our extensive knowledge base.

  • Accessibility

    Our assistive technology specialist provides support and ensures the unique accessibility needs of your students are met.

  • Affordability

    With most titles at $50 or less, our courseware costs less and works better than a traditional textbook.



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Students surveyed who “like” or “love” using Soomo
  • “The help team was amazing. Anytime I have a question about a topic, I was able to reach out to them and get additional assistance.”

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