Adoption FAQ

Some answers to frequently asked questions:

Questions list

  • What kinds of courseware tailoring can you do for me?

    Our instructor support desks can work with you to rearrange or remove chapters, delete assignments, and potentially add new material or revise existing content.

  • How do I implement a Soomo webtext?

    When needed, we provide an implementation plan that includes integrating with your LMS, setting up a grading profile, training the instructor(s), and helping with student enrollment.

  • How will students access the webtext?

    Students will access their webtext in one of two ways:

    1. Through the school’s learning management system
    2. By visiting the sign-up page and creating an account

    We provide you with a one-page Quick Start Guide for students.

  • What about the campus bookstore?

    We are happy to work with your bookstore to provide virtual or physical passkeys.

  • What if my school pays for textbooks?

    If your school pays for student texts, we will make your course free to enrolled students and work out payment terms with administration.

  • What about Blackboard, Canvas, etc.?

    We can provide single-sign-on access for students and instructors and gradebook integration with your learning management system.

  • What if students need help?

    Our help desk provides support directly to students. They can contact us seven days a week via email, call, or live chat.

  • How will students learn to use their webtext?

    We offer a user guide and video tutorial just for students. Also, most of our titles include an introductory page that outlines the webtext’s main features and provides guidance on how to use them.