Critical Thinking

Notes on Critical Thinking takes a practical hands-on approach, providing an overview of each topic and then allowing students to apply the concepts of critical thinking through practice activities that feature Soomo-original videos, current news stories, and engaging scenarios. In the final chapter, a case study presents students with the opportunity to apply all of the critical thinking skills learned throughout the text.

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Steady Encouragement

After each new topic is presented, students answer a few questions about the main ideas. This keeps students focused, actively processing the information and constructing new knowledge.

Presentation and Exploration

Eleven chapters offer clear and concise presentation of key concepts. Practice activities guide students through the examination of real-world artifacts and case studies to put the concepts into context and test the limits of the ideas presented. 

Everything You Need

Notes on Critical Thinking provides everything you need for an online course including interactive activities, a test bank, and an analytics dashboard. And we can tailor the webtext to match your program’s emphasis, term length, student expectations, and assignment types.

Case Study

A community college was looking to move from a traditional textbook to a digital resource in their Intro to Critical Thinking course. They liked their textbook, but knew that the students weren’t doing the reading. Students were showing up for class unprepared and not ready to actively engage in discussion of key concepts and themes. Read how Soomo was able to help boost student engagement and preparedness levels.