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Critical thinking skills

Investigating Modern American History encourages critical thinking skills by teaching students to analyze historical claims in a meaningful way.

Students will explore big questions including:

  • What is freedom?
  • How should people work for political and social change?
  • How far should a government go to care for its citizens?

They will also evaluate corresponding historical claims such as:

  • Black Americans did not find freedom during Reconstruction.
  • The women’s suffrage movement was a battle about social class.
  • The actions of ordinary people pushed the Roosevelt administration to enact the New Deal.

Steady encouragement

After each new topic is presented, students answer a few questions about the main ideas. This helps them stay focused, actively process the information, and construct new knowledge.

Presentation and exploration

Thirteen chapters lead students through an examination of primary sources so they can put the concepts into context and develop historical thinking.

Study questions

The webtext supports equitable teaching with the use of autograded formative assessment. This enables all students to develop A-student habits through low-stakes opportunities to check their understanding.

Everything you need

Investigating Modern American History provides everything you need for an online course—including lecture slides, a test bank, and an analytics dashboard. Plus, we can tailor the webtext to match your program’s emphasis, term length, student expectations, and assignment types.

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