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Psych in the Real World in Ipad

Focus on big ideas

1. The body influences the mind, and the mind influences the body.
2. Who we are, how we develop, and how we behave is due to a complex interaction between genes and environment.
3. Our experiences are subjective; our perception is influenced by what we know and believe.
4. Variations in human behavior and mental processes are influenced by psychological, biological, social, and cultural factors.
5. Applying psychological principles can change our lives and communities in positive ways.
6. Ethical principles guide psychology research and practice.

Steady encouragement

As each new topic is presented, students answer a few questions about its main ideas. This helps students stay focused, actively process the information, and construct new knowledge.

Study questions

Psychology in the Real World supports equitable teaching with the use of autograded formative assessment. This allows all students the opportunity to develop A-student habits through low-stakes opportunities to check their understanding.

Everything you need

Psychology in the Real World provides everything you need for your course—including a test bank, lecture slides, and an analytics dashboard. Plus, we can tailor the webtext to match your program’s emphasis, term length, student expectations, and assignment types.

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