The Writer’s Guide

The Writer’s Guide is a highly customizable rhetorical reader with a handbook designed for use in first-year composition courses. The webtext contains a mix of reading selections, Soomo-original videos, and guided instructions for MLA or APA citation styles. Thesis and outline builders use guided prompts to assist students in formulating strong thesis statements and well-organized outlines that increase the quality of assigned essays.

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Steady encouragement

After each new topic is presented, students answer a few questions about the main ideas. This keeps students focused, actively processing the information, and constructing new knowledge.

Presentation and exploration

Each chapter offers concise presentation of key concepts. Exemplary readings and advice from established writers put the concepts into context and test the limits of the ideas presented.

Study questions

Questions throughout the text encourage close reading and guide students to key information.

Everything you need

The Writer’s Guide provides everything you need for an online course including the text, study questions, an analytics dashboard, and interactive thesis and outline builders. And we can tailor the webtext to match your program’s emphasis, term length, student expectations, and assigned essays.

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