The right learning environment

Our work with faculty has yielded dozens of innovations that we’ve built into our platform. The result is a robust learning environment for your students that lets you focus on teaching.

Adventures list

  • Customizable content

    When off-the-shelf materials aren’t quite right for your course, we can tailor content to meet your needs.

  • Active learning

    Formative interactions and feedback on every page allow students to check their understanding of key concepts and remain engaged.

  • Evidence of learning

    Auto-graded low-stakes quizzing can be easily assigned for course credit, allowing you to obtain evidence about the learning of all students.

  • Insightful analytics

    Quickly identify where students are struggling so you can help them get back on track.

  • LMS integration

    Soomo seamlessly supports single-sign-on access and gradebook integration with your school’s LMS.

  • Reliable technology

    With 99.99% uptime, our proven platform ensures your students maintain reliable access to course materials.

  • Mobile app

    Students can access and complete assignments offline with our mobile app available for iOS and Android. Learn more about the Webtext Reader.

  • Accessibility

    Contents and tools are developed in line with WCAG 2.0 AA standards to ensure universal access. Learn more about our commitment to accessibility.

  • Text to speech

    Our “Read to Me” tool instantly creates an audio version of each page, making text content more accessible.



Prefer using Soomo over a traditional textbook
  • “I absolutely LOVE the format of this textbook especially compared to other textbooks for other courses. I really wish all my courses utilized this system as it helps me to better understand the process.”

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